Graciela, whoever identity means “sophistication,” ’s the infirmary medical practitioner exactly who, such as for instance Felice, provides refuted conventional sex jobs

Graciela, whoever identity means “sophistication,” ’s the infirmary medical practitioner exactly who, such as for instance Felice, provides refuted conventional sex jobs


Dolores, whose title setting “sorrow,” is Cleofilas‘ next-door neighbor off to the right. She actually is good widow which stays in property loaded with incense and you will candle lights, mourning her spouse as well as 2 dead sons. She expands immense sunflowers and you will sad-smell roses to embellish their small graves regarding the nearby cemetery. She worries about Cleofilas and her child bringing ill when they was actually ever in the night heavens where in fact the ghostly La Llorona might find all of them kjГёp en kone fra Chile.


Felice is another, saturated woman who owns her own vehicle and you can who is willing to greatly help most other women in stress. Along with the medical center medical practitioner, Graciela, she conspires to assist Cleofilas getting away from their unique abusive partner. Felice is a woman exactly who denies traditional sex positions and you can increasingly and you may courageously defends women that is actually caught up inside the minimal, traditional existence. She tranforms the fresh holler regarding Woman Hollering Creek out-of a-cry out-of pain or outrage so you can a shout out of laughs and you may liberation.


She takes the fresh initiative to find Cleofilas from her spouse because of the contacting Felice to get the fresh new battered lady toward bus depot from inside the San Antonio.

Cleofilas Enriqueta DeLeon Hernandez

Cleofilas are an earlier, simple Mexican woman having much attraction and you can a head packed with hopes for a lifetime of like and passion produced from their unique precious books, track lyrics, and you can detergent operas. Whenever their dad even offers their own in marriage so you can a man out of “este otro lado”-the other section of the border, she quickly produces their unique wedding dress, gathers plants having their unique makeshift bouquet, and happens off to the “people this lady has waited her whole life to own” to track down “welfare in its purest crystalline essence,” perhaps the passion female usually buy that have “sweet aches.” Just after her husband, Juan Pedro, starts to discipline their particular, she remains hushed whether or not she shudders at the thought of most of the dry female she reads on regarding hit. She understands how harmful their particular situation are, but pride suppress their of back into their own dad from inside the Mexico. “Where’s your spouse?” she understands they will query. Cleofilas ultimately musters adequate bravery to depart, even in the event she gets assistance from Graciela and you will Felice. Counting on the potency of these feminine, exactly who Cleofilas discovers fascinating, she simply leaves Juan Pedro trailing and you can productivity in order to their particular former lifestyle.

Juan Pedro Martinez Sanchez

Juan Pedro are Cleofilas’s abusive, alcoholic husband which just desires wed their young North american country fiance quickly or take their unique back once again to their life of impoverishment inside Seguin, Colorado. Here they can restart his habit of sipping and carousing with his bad-mouthed members of the family during the local ice-house. After its wedding, the guy shows themselves is faithless, criminal, and quick so you can cry rips out of guilt and you will guilt, which happen to be predictably followed by restored attacks out of bodily discipline. Juan Pedro try a guy who disdains the brand new love one nourishes his wife’s desires, and you will dislikes the music and you will soap operas she adores. He could be small, husky, scarred from spots, and you may obese from all the alcohol he products. Similar to the gender-character socialization out-of his youngsters, he means you to definitely his partner offer products such their mommy wishing. He together with requires you to Cleofilas manage all of the his means and those out-of their pupils instead of complaint.

Don Serafin

Don Serafin try Cleofilas‘ father, who shared with her as she left his house with her brand new husband, “I’m the dad, I am able to never ever dump your.” Nevertheless, he sends her out to “este otro lado”-another side-which have a guy neither he nor his daughter really knows. Even while she simply leaves, the guy secret if the she’ll someday desire back once again to their tough longevity of tasks that have him along with her half a dozen brothers. Don Serafin will teach Cleofilas that the like between mother and you may youngster is different and stronger than the fresh like anywhere between a man and you will a woman, a training she recalls due to the fact she looks at their unique infant young buck. Immediately after his daughter’s disastrous, unlawful matrimony, that he first arranged, they are around to greeting their own along with her college students home.

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